About Us

What began as a thought of sharing the most delectable of traditional Sri Lankan sweetmeats, has today spanned in to a pioneering venture in manufacturing and distributing Sri Lankan sweets not only but also to the outside world. Since its inception Kawum Kokis have been a slow, yet gradually developing venture with a dedicated group of youngsters with a respect for Sri Lankan heritage and culinary tradition. With a fleet of distributors in hand we expect to deliver to your door step customized packages of a sweets catering to any family or official occasion which calls for everything that is Sri Lankan.

We believe that families can be brought together with sweet delights such as these and will evoke the true spirit of being a Sri Lankan. It is our endeavor to expand further and provide services for our friends and family residing around the world, soo that we can share our happiness even for a moment with the ones we love yet not near us make them feel as if they are at home!

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