Wali Thalapa


Wali Thalapa (also known as Sau Dodol)



2 cups steamed all-purpose flour
1 cup roasted rice flour
3 cups thick coconut milk of 1 coconut
2 cups Honey
1 dessert spn salt water
Hot water

Sieve the two kinds of flour together and place in a roomy bowl. Spread the hot water a little at a time and make the pittu.When all the pittu is ready steam well in a pittu mould or a string hopper steamer. Break up the steamed pittu and place in a pan. 

Cook together with the honey, coconut milk and salt water.
When the mixture thickens, take the pan off the fire and dish mixture on to a rice platter or a large flat plate. Smoothen the top with back of a spoon or a greased banana leaf. When cool, cut into squares or diamond shaped pieces.

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