Popular among Sinhalese. Served at cultural festivals.

10 cups of rice flour (from soaked 4-5 cups of white raw rice)
2 cups of Sugar
3 cups of water
3-4 cardamoms 
Hand full of cashew nuts

How I made it:-
Roast the rice flour under medium heat. It is better to grind the rice yourself. If you use the processed rice flour aluwa will get sticky and have a different taste. 
Keep little amount of roasted flour for dusting and coating.
Boil the sugar and water in non-stick pan until form a thick line and take out from the heat.
While continuously stirring add ground cardamom seeds and chopped cashew nuts. This time will allow the syrup to little cool and help to keep aluwa in good white colour.
Then add the roasted flour and mix in well. 
Quickly spread on a tray lined with waxed paper and try to keep it at 1 cm thickness.
Cut in to pieces promptly. After few minutes separate from the tray and coat with remaining flour.



Rulang Aluwa
2 cups roasted rice flour
1 cups roasted semolina(rulang)
1 1/2 cups honey
1/4 lb. sugar
2 ozs. cashew nuts chopped

How I made it:-

Roast the rice flour well, sieve and set aside.Roast the rulang too well, and set aside separately.Strain the honey and heat with the sugar.When the mixture treacles, take the pan off the fire and add all the rulang and the chopped cashew nuts.Leave aside 1/4 ib. of the flour and add the rest gradually into the mixture. It should be of a flexible consistency. Spread some flour on a board, and roll out the slab of aluwa on it and cut in diamond shapes.


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